TinyWebDb not find


sorry, but I can not find the compoennte TinyWebDB between the components of Thunkable …

where is it?


There is no TinyWebDB component in Thunkable X.

I’m sorry and then so?


Thunkable Classic Android

if it does not exist then, is there a similar component?

but I have to create an app that works well for android and IOS …

There is no such thing, but there is RealtimeDB

To create a good working application for Android and iOS, you need to use Java and Swift.

I’ve already created an app that uses tinywebdb for android …

if I use RealtimeDB I can access the same DB …?

No. The functionality of Tinywebdb is more suited to Local Storage.

Try to transfer your data to AitTable using the Spreadsheet component.

FirebaseDB all right?

Yes, RealtimeDB works in Thunkable X well.


instead RealTimeDB:


how do I proceed?

Realtime DB settings can be found here


I created a demo app, how to install it on ios?

I have activated, on the iPhone 4, the Profile iOS 12 beta software prog … but does not appear Device Management …

How do I solve? thank you.

You have received an email with a link to your project and downloaded the app on your iPhone? If so, then go ahead. You are trying to install the app, but the system says that it is impossible to do. You agreed to install the profile, but then go into the settings and do not see Device Management, how it shown below?

it only appears: Profile iOS 12 beta software prog …
but not device management…

Which version of iOS works on your device?

ios 7.1.2

App Limits from docs (https://docs.thunkable.com/thunkable-cross-platform/create/app-limits)

Minimum iOS version - 9.0 (devices on 8.0 can be upgraded to 9.0)