New to app design - Likely simple question (Dice Roller)

Hello everyone!

I am new to app building, but I have a long history with similar things and tend to learn software quickly.

Onto the question:

I am building a pretty simple app that is meant to be used alongside games like “Dungeons & Dragons” so, I have two checkmarks to designate between rolling with “advantage” (roll two 20 sided dice and choose the higher), “disadvantage” (roll two 20 sided dice and choose the lower), and when neither are checked it simply rolls 1 dice per normal.

Once that is figured out, that math needs to be added to a text input (“Skill Level”) and checked to see if it exceeds another text input (“Difficulty Level”) and then displayed. If below the “Difficulty Level” input, then I need it to perform task “X, Y, Z” (I am pretty confident I can start plugging and chugging from there, but we’ll see)

I have been learning using AI and walkthroughs so far, but I have no formal education in any way regarding coding. I know I am likely arranging things very incorrectly as I truly don’t even know the basic rules of thumb regarding logic structure and the like. :sweat_smile:

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate any and all help!

Hi @haremoongraphics , welcome to Thunkable! :tada:

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Could you please share with us what you have started so far on this project? It will be difficullt for us to assist without knowing what you have done so far.

I would also suggest searching the Community as well, as there are many previous posts about how to create a dice rolling app.