Rolling 2021 (Drag and drop) to the usual category

Dear All,

im trying to replicate Rolling 2021 (Drag and drop) to the usual category

Stuck with one block as its not reading the dice number.

Drag and drop one:

usual block

Hope I made it clear.

Your input is highly appreciable.


Sasi Preetha

It looks like your image files are named “dice 1.png”, “dice 2.png”, etc.

So when you get letter #2 from “dice 6.png” (for example), it’s going to get “i”

And when you get letter #1 from “dice 6.png”, it’s going to get “d”

If you are trying to get the number, that would be letter #6.

I would do this a different way. Get a random number from 1 to 6. Assign it to a variable called randomRoll. Set the image’s picture to [join] [“dice “] [app variable randomRoll] [”.png”]. And speak text [join] ["You rolled a "] [app variable randomRoll].

By the way, what is Rolling 2021? Is that a game? Can you provide a link that helps explain?

True.You are a genious:)

Sharing the rolling 2021 project link… Thunkable.

I found this link some time ago from the Thunkable community.

Sharing the screen shot of the blocks how I did it. Its working.

Thank you so much for your support and guidance. Its phenomenal:)

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