Need Help With Retrieving Infromation using Firebase

im using firebase authentication and firebase cloud storage what happens in my app is whenever someone signs up and then signs in i get their ‘email id’ after you sign in as a user you answer questions like name age etc in firebase database it shows user id then followed by users name age etc everything works great but there is a screen in my app which has 5 empty boxes i want each box to be filled by other users / other email ids what can i do Help

So where is the “other users” info coming from within Firebase?

basically this is how my firebase looks i created 3 different accounts using 3 different emails to test

its all coming from firebase

OK but where is the data for those 5 boxes you want filled? How is the app calling for it? Do other users save some kind of data to other users profiles or is it saved to their own and somehow other users have to get it from their account?

thats the part thats being an issue when you sign in as a user only your data is shown and seen

@jxbclothes69gc7 Can you create a small project which shows what you need help with and post a share link to it? And let us know as specifically as possible what you need help with.