Need help with Apple Publishing / Navigator crashes

Hi all,

I am publishing an insect identification app. However, it keeps crashing on iOS, so they won’t let me publish it. I’ll put a photo of the message that happens in this post. I also have the entire error report documents, but I have NO IDEA what they mean, so I don’t even know where to start with fixing my app!

I also don’t know how to get iPad screenshots. I don’t have an iPad, and I’m not very… technology advanced.

Thank you in advance!

Are you use web API?
Are you Analytical material?

Sorry, I really don’t know what this means. Like I said, I’m not very technology advanced. I am able to use Thunkable… barely.


Data analysis refers to packages like lists (light blue) or objects (pink)

Did you test the app on a mobile device using Thunkable Live? If so, did it crash at all?

If you’d like, you can share a link to your project. There might be something obvious causing the crash.

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No, I don’t have any Web API.

Yes, I did test it on my own phone. It crashes there too and gives the same message.
Here is my project.

You tested with the thunkable live app, or you tested the downloaded version?

Any hints on what behavior makes or crash?

I used the Thunkable live app on my phone. Honestly no hints. It crashes essentially at start up. You swipe left to begin using the app, and the second you click on a menu option it just crashes.

Well that’s a hint!

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Yeah same
I think you are use too many screen.

Hmmmm ok. Yes, it is pretty bulky. I’ll look into this.

I think you can replace it with a vertical configuration

Saying an app “crashed” is a little like going to your mechanic and saying “my car doesn’t work.” They are going to want to know things like:

  1. What exactly do you mean? Be specific? In what way does it not work?
  2. When does this happen? Are you able to start the engine?
  3. What happens if you press the gas pedal? The brake pedal?

So for app development, it’s similar:

  1. Which screen crashes?
  2. Is there an action (e.g. screen loading, button being pressed) that happens right before the crash?
  3. Are there any especially tricky block sections that we should be aware of or focus on?

When I open the app, I swipe left. This reveals the menu and menu options. I press a button- IE “Start New ID”. The app promptly crashes.

I don’t think there are any tricky blocks. The app is almost entirely “When button X is pressed, go here” stuff.

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That would be my guess too.

Also, any time I find myself repeating code or making duplicate screens of a layout, I stop and ask myself if I can find a more efficient way to do things. Your app looks like the perfect example of a project that could be created with a single screen for all of the data display you’re doing. Just something to consider.

Edit: although… when previewing your app and skipping the first screen, I can see that you’re taking users through a decision tree. So maybe what I said does not apply here.

Wait, I just realized that you have nested navigators. I’m not even sure that’s supported in Thunkable…

I deconstructed your app a little bit, deleting everything except the navigator and two screens. But it still crashes when I select the “Start New ID” choice.

You might want to contact Thunkable Support to see if they have any ideas about this.

Edit: the navigator definitely works with new screens that I add. That screen or more specifically the background picture or button may be corrupt somehow. It’s unlikely but I’d start by re-creating the screen on a new screen. If it still crashes, remove/replace the background picture.

This does not crash on my iPhone running Thunkable Live. (I cloned with the link Tatiang posted above.)

UPDATE: the new screen references a screen that doesn’t exist. If you don’t fix that, it crashes.