Need help with Apple Publishing / Navigator crashes

How do you mean?

There’s a navigate to block that has a screen in it that must have been deleted.

BUT, having said that, I made a new copy and that one crashes. So I’m stumped.

I did notice the navigate block but because that requires a click and the app crashes right when the screen is selected from the navigator, I wasn’t worried about it.

Update: the app crashes even with NO components and NO background picture on the Start New ID screen.


And now it is not crashing. I’m stumped.

Welcome to my world! That was the whole day for me yesterday: same code, different results.

I pretty much always kill and restart Live in order to get an update - it often doesn’t sync otherwise, especially if my phone has gone to sleep. But even that wasn’t working well yesterday/today.

So I never use Navigators in my apps but I just added one to a project and when I preview it, I see the same crash message you posted above.

You may want to submit a bug report:

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Just read through all your replies. Yes, I would like to do one big screen for all my data, but since it’s a decision tree I’m not sure how I could.

I will look into a corrupt image of some kind- might as well.

I happen to have about eight different copies of this project, in various stages, just sitting around. Oddly enough, some only crash halfway… Namely, I can navigate to my Species ID pages (Groups), but I cannot navigate into my choice pages. That crashes the app.

I also am not seeing missing blocks or deleted screens anywhere in there.

I will also mention that it has been working fine up until recently.

I will send a message to Thunkable as well and see what they have to say.

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Which screen specifically are you talking about? Incidentally I had issues with a “Glossary”. Wondering if that’s still messing up things for me?

The stripped down project @tatiang posted - he probably caused the missing screen.

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Don’t worry about the screen reference / missing screen.

The bottom line is that something is crashing the Start New ID screen in the navigator. It’s that screen specifically but since I also had my own project crash, it may be a bug much larger than just one corrupt screen. Anyway, I would re-create that screen and then delete the original screen and see if that fixes the crash issue.

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Thanks for the help. I messed around and poked a bit, deleted a few unused screens and blocks… and it works! I’m not exactly sure what it was, but it is working now.

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