Need help making a password screen

Hello All,

I am a teacher who is trying to make an escape room using Thunkable.

I am stuck on how to use the blocks to create a “password” page that when entered goes to the next screen.

I am using the drag and drop editor and it does not have a “password button” as I saw on Youtube.

Here are some screenshots of what I have done so far:code doesn't work
I also tried:
block code 2

This code doesn’t work…it always does to the “oops” screen.

Here are the 3 screens I am trying to make work…
An enter password screen (where the code above is from)
An “oops” screen where if the student gets the password wrong the land.
and a “You did it!” screen if they guess the correct password.

The password I was trying to use is “Thunkable”

Any assistance anyone could provide would be great!


Hi @phochman728 :wave: :wave: Welcome to the community
You need to use this block - image

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You are awesome!

It worked!

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You actually don’t even need the if else. Change your if else to just else. There are only two possibilities: the input’s text is abc or it is not. Thus, you can change else if from textinput1 get text ≠ abc to just
else navigate to wrong.



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