How do I create a sign in only (no create account section) screen?

i want to make a screen with a sign in only section for specific people that i want to have access to it. So how would i create one with the blocks?

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there are a lot of examples of signin screens if you search the community projects page! Try there first. If you cant find anything, come back and I will direct you to a sign in project you can remix yourself!

[edit] Actually, here you go!

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I have looked at the other projects but i dont know how to change the blocks around to make it only be a sign in screen. Please help

If you want to allow a few people to sign in, you could hard-code the passwords into the app. I don’t know much about Thunkable or Apple app security so I wouldn’t do this for a banking app, for example, but I might for something less crucial like a shopping list app, provided that the passwords are random and unimportant if hacked (e.g. not duplicate passwords used for other sites or apps).

If you have more than a small handful of users who need password access, you’ll want to use something like Airtable to create a spreadsheet with a row for each user that contains their name and password. Then you can check for an existing password in the spreadsheet.

If you’re new to Thunkable, this might not be something you can make really quickly. I’ve been practicing using this tool for a few weeks (months?) now and I’m pretty comfortable with it but I also have a programming background so when I want to do something, I usually know the structure I want but need to figure out which blocks to use that match what I’m used to.

Could you send a picture of how the blocks need to be put in order for it to work?

I followed these instructions to get set up with Airtable:

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