User login offline with ID and password

Hello guys …

Kindly i wana make app for a school which i want make every class students find his a specified data once he loging with ID ane passwors “Offline” …

For Example :

ID : 7446
Password : 7a62

Navigate to class 7-A screen .

So i need help in this project please … and sorry for my bad english .

Are you creating the IDs and passwords for the students? If so, you can put that in a local data source in Thunkable and it will be available even when the device is not connected to the Internet.

Navigating to a specific screen is pretty easy because the “navigate to” block allows variables. So for example, if every 7A student has an ID that starts with 74 or a password that starts with 7a or something like that, you can name your screens “7a”, “7b”, etc. and then use the text blocks to get a substring of the ID or Password (e.g. the first two letters), save that substring to a variable and then use the variable in the “navigate to” block.

Hello Mr Tatiang ,

i have tried to do but i didn’t understand to how to make blocks , to be clear :
this is my local data base and for expamle need to use simple text Input with ID and Password
then blocks check if ID and password exist and check the department , then navigate to specified screen …


I need to understand how can i start to create these blocks … can u support me ?!

Here’s a demo I made:


i’d like to thank you for your support and cooperation … <3


You’re welcome!

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