Need help in Any block

These are my blocks what I’m trying to do is that when I press LIKE the number of likes increase by + 1 for example one picture had 500 and second had 300. When I liked the first picture likes went 501 which is good but then when I pressed second picture it was supposed to go 301 but went 502 what should I do

Hi, @farhanlatif027i3df! :wave:

As per your code blocks, I see that (in Airtable) you are updating the number of likes according to a label’s text.


And… the main thing is, you are not updating the label’s text. I mean, if the text is 501, and you click the btn second time, it goes to 502. When you click any other btn, how would it go to 301 if the label’s text is not updated according to the number of like the pic has (it is 502 only, not changed.)?

I hope you understand. :smiley_cat:

Thanks! :blush:

I got some of that but how do I fix it now.

Hi again, @farhanlatif027i3df! :wave:

It would be helpful if you could show us your full blocks :blush:
So we could help you solve your problem.

Thanks! :blush:

Blocks are simple airtable data recalling using object blocks and label texts

@actech help me out buddy :slight_smile:

To find out the reason for the error, add a Label to the screen and display data in it after each action. You must also first output the original data.