Need freelancer for community app

Hey guys, I’m really excited to build a custom app for my community.

It’s called DIVE. In it I give people personalized songs that break through their unique and specific mental chatter and get them back into their bodies to enjoy the moment more.

I need a feed where people can post, comment and reply.
Events with push notifications for our live song sessions as a group.
A place for each member can tell me how they are doing and even send me a short video so I can make them the song, and post it back to them to listen to.
Also a way to charge them monthly to have access.

A song library where I can upload the public and sharable songs and members can play them! Many of the songs for one person end up becoming universally applicable to other members. What’s personal is universal.

Which brings me to another future feature tagging and categorizing songs under things like…

  1. lonliness
  2. sad about heart break
  3. struggling to find a job
  4. struggling with finances

members could click on those and find songs that would help them I’ve song for others in the past.

Just tagging some of the folks I saw who might be able to help! Thanks so much!
@eoinparkinson @maurizio.polverini89

Hey, I like the idea and am interested in developing this one.
I have seen this link from the Upwork job post.
Let’s discuss more about it.
my skype is live:.cid.d102f882f25b6e24.
can you please drop me more details about the project.

Hello @danewh5a7g and welcome to the community!

I really like your idea.
Also i’m a honest music fan and i think what you are trying to achieve has a lot of value.

Unfortunately it seems such a really long way for what you are looking for and at the moment, even though i’d love to help you and create this beautiful app together, i’d rather leave this honor to my collagues as i am a bit full these days and your app deserves the best commitment.

You can follow me on instagram on maurizio_polverini and get contact if you will need help in the future (i usually do stories when i’m free to embrace new projects).

I really hope you will find the best suite for the app and i can’t wait to see your project live on stores, i’ll be a good fan!

Thank again for your time and for thinking about me

Hi Dane,
If you are still on the lookout to hire someone, I would be glad to help you out as what you are wanting done is within my skillset
You can reach out to me on my email here

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