Need a freelancer for helping me finish my code

Description of the project:

Create an app that allows a user to record a piece of audio and then save that recording persistently
with an associated name for the audio file that is provided by the user. The app will also allow the user
to see all audio recordings saved and select a specific one to play back through the deviceโ€™s speakers.

  • Have a text box that allows a user to type in the name of a new audio recording.
  • Have a button that starts the audio recording for a specific amount of time.
  • Once done recording, the audio file created should be stored persistently using the name the user
    entered into the text box.
  • Have a list viewer, or some other mechanism, that displays all the names of recordings created, when
    one is selected it should play the recording back to the user.

What I have done so far:

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Hi, Iโ€™m happy to help with this. You can access my Fiverr profile from the link below.

Is there a reason youโ€™re using Snap to Place (StP) instead of the newer Drag and Drop (DnD) interface? My first thought would be to convert the project unless there are blocks or features that wonโ€™t work for you in DnD.

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Hello @theyloack

As an experienced Thunkable developer, I can create the app youโ€™ve described with ease. It will include a text box for naming recordings, a button to initiate recording, persistent storage for audio files with user-provided names, and a list viewer for playback selection.

For more info feel free to DM me at jack(at)technogiq(dot)com

Looking for wad to your response.

Best regards,

Hi Theylo,

Iโ€™ve built apps that record and play back audio before, so Iโ€™m comfortable taking on this project.
I can help you create a simple and intuitive interface that meets your needs.

You can reach out to me on my email here