Navigating to stage2 if sprites are visible = false

I am trying to Navigate to #stage 2 after checking if sprites are visible or not, but for whatever reason any time i add these set of blocks,
I get a pop-up that says thunkable is auto saving your work,
and I can wait like twenty mins or so and try to navigate to design tab again,
but end up getting the same pop up again.
What is going on?

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The blocks you are using in your IF condition is not logical.

You need to reformat your blocks to be logically correct.

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I am sorry but why is it not logical?

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In logic you say:

IF (A = False) AND (B = False) then do something

Your code says:

IF (A AND B) = False then do something.

Now, if both A and B are logical operators then your code will be acceptable but your code refers to test conditions (is visible?) and testing lists instead of individual items.

Hope this is clear.

This part is clear
This part below i am having trouble understanding but thats ok Thank you

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The is visible? block expects a single sprite. You are supplying all sprites in.... which is a list of sprites. Will this work?