A certain label's visibility can't be set

I’m making an ‘instructions’ screen for an app, and I wanted to make it like this:

How to play

Lore Ipsum dolor sit amet

I have four such rows. All of them are working fine except for one: I’m unable to set the visibility of a label to either true or false.

My code:

I know that the code is executing, though, because I put a set label’s text block inside the Image2 click event, and the text appeared in the label I chose.

This is odd, since the same code(with different labels) is working with all the other images. Why is this happening? Or rather, why is this not happening?

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If you are using an absolute position label then the visible will not work on Android.

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No, this is a normal label, no advanced properties.

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And also, this is not visible during web preview as well.

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Will it work if you just add a new label to the screen and use it instead of label13?

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Let me try that.

Yeah, it does! Thank you so much!

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By the way, you can shorten the code into one single line

When image2 click
      Set label13's visible to [not] label13's visible

Ohhhh, I never knew that the not block created the opposite of a value. That’s really cool! I always used if else statements, but this will be great and quick!


That could not only be used for visibility; it could also be used for even more areas in Thunkable. I like that idea. Thanks again, @muneer!