Problems with blocks

Hi there,
You must click out of this post to understand what I having issue, cause I don’t know what topic name it should be named.
I don’t want to explain more, just send the image.

Blocks :

Result ( livetest app

Again. Don’t mind the Chinese text.
It is weird, label2 isn’t empty. Why the button4 being invisible too?

Dumb question. Is button4 defaulted to being visible? If so, are there any other blocks that will set it to visible=false?

Why is the button invisible? Because the if block is simply not executed.

There is water in the tap, and water does not flow from the hose. Why? To answer this question you need to check the entire path of the passage of water from the tap to the outlet of the hose. So it is in programming.

By the way, your blocks can be simplified so




LOL I had to ask. Honestly I have no idea. Maybe put each IF statement after the setLabelText block and see what happens?

It is necessary to add control points to the screen and check the execution of the blocks. It is done this way. A new Label is created, which is installed after each block with text 1,2,3,4,5. If this Label shows 3, then this means that in step 3 the execution of the blocks is interrupted and you need to look for the problem in it.

If Label.Text does not display anything, then this does not mean that it is empty. This Label may contain a space character.

The GetColumn block is an asynchronous block. Do you understand what this means? This means that the block below may not work at all or it will run after the if block, which is located later than it.