Navigate to screen with calculated address (number)?

Is there any possibility to navigate to a screen that number is calculated by the app?
I only find the “navigate to” block with the screens defined in the Designer.

Something like: navigate to join “screen”, “number”

Or could there be a workaround with a list of screens?

Hi, @rollke! :wave:

Since you require this thing, you must have a lot of screens like -

  • Screen1
  • Screen2
  • Screen3, and so on.

Using multiple screens is not a good practice…
I remember @domhnallohanlon has a nice workaround idea on this, but I can’t find & quote it :confused:
I am sure he’ll quote it here for you :smile:

Thanks! :blush:

Unfortunately, I could not find any way by which I could programmatically select a screen for the transition.

This problem is due to the fact that only when placing screens in the Tab Navigator components, these screens exist by the time the application is displayed on the screen and you can get a link to them. In all other cases, at the time of launching the application, there is only an active screen and those screens that were created before it, for example, a splash screen.

The request to use the variable in the screen transition block was made a long time ago, but I can’t say anything more about this.

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