Navigate to -variable screen- not yet possible, right?

For what I can see it’s not possible but in the any component section are present screen names as variables and I need it but I feel it’s not possible now.

Also, a generic ‘go back’ like the android back button does would be useful as a contempt.

This is totally possible. Do you mean random screen? There is a block for navigating to any screen in your app already

On screen1 open
Set var currentScreen =1

some action by user initiates screen changing(Using an input number (I) between 1-(#screens)

Set previousScreen = screen 1
If i = 1
Go to screen 1
If i = 2
Go to screen 2

in splash screen, create

stored Var currentScreen
stored Var previousScreen

Yes but I’m trying to make the app as generic as possible so I can call the variables the same name of the screen and open it as the variable is changed, without having to manually insert all the ITTT blocks

I hear you. You could try the global function that @actech has shown in his example app. It’s complicated looking but really cool!