[Solved] How do I programmatically navigate to the previous screen?

now my project have the 4 page(1,2,3,cat) , in (1,2,3)page have a button to navigate to cat page. if in page 1 click the button to cat page, i want go back to previous page(page1). if in page 2 click the button to cat page, at the same time can go back to previous page(page2) How to do that

When you navigate to the cat page, set a variable value to the page number you are coming from. Then, on the cat page, check the value of that variable and if it’s 1, navigate to 1; if it’s 2, navigate to 2; if it’s 3, navigate to 3.

i don’t understand used what code to do that. Can help me write the code in my sample project? Thank you


This is my sample project link, thank you

See this modified project:



thank you for your help!!!


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