Hi there,

I finally launched the app I have been working on for long months now, but it totally worth it as in less thank 24 hours we got more than 700 downloads on iOS and Android.

Let me introduce the app first

The MyRelationship app is created for couples to be connected via a database and see everything the partner is adding to their account such as comments, ratings or events to their timeline.

In the timeline they can observe, look back and create events that they had experienced with their partner. This helps remember memories and events.

Other important feature of the app is the daily challenge where using a ā€œdate wheelā€ the partners have to accomplish different actions and challenges.

In addition to that, you can see how long the couples had been together for in different formats like in days, in months or even in seconds.

The app is quite user-oriented since users can select their profile pictures, wallpapers, customize nicknames.


Well, I want to thank you all for your help in the Community, I had a couple of topics about things to be answered and you helped a lot. Special thanks to the Thunkable Team for building this awesome platform and helping us achieving our goals.


Apple App Store: ā€ŽMyRelationship on the AppĀ Store

Google Play Store:




Thatā€™s great

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The concept of your app sounds great as well as the first look. I am gonna try it soon

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This looks great. Thanks for sharing @skulamester