My text input on the list viewer is showing up in multiple strands!

I am creating a To-Do list app (Reminder situation) and when I get the users text input (their reminder) I am placing that into a variable which shows it into the list viewer. The only problem is that if the user variable has no Text inputs (Reminders) I want a greeting label to show (like a welcome piece of text). I inputed that piece of text into a variable (welcome Text) and then placed it into a “if else” block who’s logic is :

Call Local storage (where I’m saving all the inputed reminders), then get the “Reminders” (the key). If the value is equal to “null” then set the list view’s text to variable "App Variable welcome Text " else set list views text to “App Variable Reminders”

The problem :

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The list viewer component takes as input a list. You gave it a text string as input. So you need to make a list with the first item a text string that says “welcome.”

Here are a couple different ways you could do that. Personally, I’d just use a label instead of trying to make your welcome message part of the list viewer.


Great thank you so much!!
I ended up just using label and changing the visibility for people who are new and others who are existing users. Just because it was simpler and mentioned that as well.

Here’s how to screen looks now!!

Once again thanks a million!!!