Empty Label / Make List View

I want to this, If Label is empty label will not seeing for List View items.
I have a project. 5 Text Input. 5 Label. 4 Buton for make list view.
I just show you what i am doing.
If i didnt write in some text inputs, it cant see in List View items.
But i didnt. All label seeing items. (Empty or not)


Hi @doctorsof

Are you trying to say that if there is no input in the Text Box, so the Label will be blank/empty, then you don’t want the blank/empty List View to appear?

Only Text Box with input, thus, corresponding Label will show the input, then only display the List View, for example:

If my understanding of your requirement is correct, then what you need to do is to first check whether each of the Text Boxes are empty or not. If not empty then add to the list for the List Viewer to display.

You need to create the checking blocks for each Text Box. (Alternatively, check first for each non-empty Label, then add to the list.)

In your current app blocks, the list includes empty (which is a value by itself, like null), so, List Viewer shows it.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for helping,I solved.


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