My Social App, made for Summer Hackathon#1

Hi guys,
I have done a social app for Summer Hackathon#1, which unfortunately did not made to be a part of competition (Reason: submitted after deadline).
So I decide to share app with you guys and get your helpful feedback.

:point_right::point_right: Direct Link to Remix or Test project :point_left::point_left:

Here you have some Screenshots and description

App ask for user’s location by first time launch. After that users are able to change their locations by clicking on little User Icon on top-right novigation

You see the latest 5 uploaded images on the app’s wall, user can share images by clicking on share icon under each image

User can see lager size of uploaded image by clicking on wall thumbnail

App shows 3 random images when you click on little Heart Button at footer navigation. You can like images by touch down on large size images.


Great app. I must change the components of my Cloudinary so that it works correctly and is saved on my server. True?
Thank you