Feedback/Input for an instagram like app

Hey everyone! I am working on a geolocation based instagram style app. I am looking for any feedback, be it about styling or function or how the app flows etc! I would love the thunkable communities input in this project as it will be the subject of my next tutorial.

currently, users can upload photos, search by general location, like a photo, leave a comment

The comment feed is working! I want to change some timings to make it more visually appealing but, it’s working!

Building in public is intimidating… #buildinpublic #codeless #nocode #api #geolocation #madewiththunkable

DB, API, User Auth with: @Backendless

UI, Frontend logic: @thunkable

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Wow, @jared! That looks really amazing! I know I’m writing this 24 days after you’ve posted it, but if you have finished it, could you please post some tips, or a link? That would be great, because I love your apps, and would love to see more.