My openai integration is not working!

this is the result

here is the code
note: i have imported my api key in [api-key]

did you do the setup step described here?


during testing did you supply your api_key in the screen_opens block?
i just ran my test for image generation and it’s working:

yes i did

Has your openai trial account expired? You need an account that is enabled for payment ((ie There is a valid credit card attached to it)

Do you use your API key? It looks like an API key issue to me.


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Did you get this sorted? I’m V new at this but to me, the block below is wrong. I think you’re just saying that your API key is [api-key]. You need to assign your actual API key to an app variable and then connect the correct app variable to this spot.

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Even i have the same ‘undefined’ issue. It is happening because the free credit has expired. OpenAI gives you 18$ free credit and because that has expired it returns undefined.

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