My new app - check wifi signal strength

The App Lets You Check Your Wifi Strength At Your Home Or Any Other Place.
By Making A Sketch Of The Tested Space And Measuring points of interest.
Try It:

  1. First Do A Sketch Of the Space Or Load An Image From Device Memory.
  2. Then Start Wifi Scan For Routers.
  3. Choose The Router By Name Or MAC.
  4. Stand in the spot you want to measure and press on the same spot
    on the sketch.
  5. You can Export The Sketch As An Image.

Special Thanks To Taifun Bär - wifi extension
Made In Thunkable - Thank You!!!


thank you for using the wifi extension
keep up the good work

PS: you might want to add some screenshots of the app into this thread…

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I don’t know how :roll_eyes:

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