Decode qr to connect to WiFi

hello friends
i want to add a tools for my app , this tools should scan a qr code (my workplace have an qr code to connect to wifi) , then connect to an wifi , this is possible with many apps
but i have to add it to my app
i shouldn’t use web api , because its need internet i think , so better to solve this inside app (offline)
after i scan my wifi qr code i get this : WIFI:T:WPA;S:FTTH-3Eb2;P:vqseZvEe
how can i decode this scanned phrases and connect to wifi?

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Using Thunkable you can read QR codes and use the information in the code but there is no block or component to connect to WIFI in Thunkable.

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You would have to know how your employer encodes that string. Are they encoding it so that no one knows the WiFi password? If not, can you ask them how they encode it?

But more importantly, as @muneer already said, you can’t connect to WiFi using Thunkable blocks.

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The S: is the WIFI access point name.
The P: is the password

That is if you want to show it to the app user to select the correct WIFI network and key in the correct password.

i have ssid and password , just dont know how to link to phone , to connect to wifi
there is some option , for example if you want to link to whatsapp , ou can just write : whatsapp: **
and for facebook or calling too , i just want to know there is any option for wifi too?

Hi @masoud.3331p :wave:

At this time, you cannot connect to a network from within one of our apps. You’ll need to do it externally and return to the app.

Would having your users leave the app and return be detrimental? I’m wondering if you have any examples of apps that do this action I can share with the team, too.

i see , options is so limit i thunkable apps
problem is , there is nothing to even make an example , only export scanned data to an label and show it to user , there is no way to send that data to connect to wifi

anyway thanks all of you guys

Unfortunately, at this time it isn’t possible to send data to the phones wifi connector. BUT you could create something that allows the user to copy the PW into their phones clipboard. Then once they are in the wifi connection area of the phone, they could paste the text instead of having to remember and type it in.

What’s a clipboard?

Clipboard is a feature of your phone which saves all the information you copy . For example pictures, text, links, and so on. Then you can put the information wherever you want.

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