Speed Test App Web API

Hello Thunkers!
I have made a speed test app, which can find the speed of your network connection. It works fine but, I wanted to add one more feature to my app- I want the app to find what other apps are open on that device and based on the network speed, my app should discover how well other apps open on the device will work and what is the minimum bandwidth required. I have inserted the speed test feature using a web viewer. I was thinking if I could really insert the speed test using Web API and request data from the speed test site.

Please let me know if you have a solution for this.


This won’t be possible, you need to code this from scratch using Android Studio or Xcode (or Flutter), because it needs to ask the user for system access which Thunkable apps don’t (yet) provide.

I don’t think it’s even recommended from a normal developer standpoint, as it’s gaining system access that should only be for certain apps that need it, like antivirus or other such apps.

Apple (and possibly Google) won’t allow apps that require these permissions unless there’s a legit reason. Not sure if you can even do that on iOS because it (possibly) leaves the phone open to breaches :confused:


Perhaps, you didn’t understand what I mean. I just need the API key for a simple speed test app. Thunkable provides everything for this. I mean, Thunkable has the Web API component which I require. I just need the API key for a speed test website (which should be FREE) to use. I have tried researching on this topic but unluckily, I have not been able to find the results which I need.


And, plus, leave the app accessibility to me. I basically don’t require the app accessibility feature, I will just give a simple description of them in a label.


Web APIs allow you to request data from an external server. What you want is network speed data from the user’s device or local network. I’m pretty certain that’s not possible with an API. Your research seems to confirm that.

This is the only thing I could find and I don’t know if it’s reputable or not: https://speedof.me/api.html.