My app size in my google account is 2.7 MB and when i tray to get it from google play it require 350 MB why

i made small app by thunkable and i published it google play .
app size 2.8 MB in google play console.
but when i tried to download from google play to mobile it it require 350 MB free space What a madness!!!
how can i solve this problem ?

Seems pretty unlikely, but impossible to say for certain unless you share your Play Store link with us.


app name Alseragsoft

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It only needed 2.94 MB for me @faham

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It is your device problem! Your device internal memory is almost full hence the message you are getting.

Try to free the memory as Google saying and re install app. It will be definitely installed!

Or try on another device!!

Google Play requires more size than your app to avoid encountering issues later. (like in-app downloads etc.) You can reduce the size of your application, but it will not change anything. If you’re trying to install your app on your phone, install the app as an APK instead of Google Play. Don’t worry, your app is still 2.7 MB.

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