My app is hanging or crashing in different places

I am developing an app that will have 7 screens. Currently I had 5 screens working but now I am stuck with the app crashing in different locations randomly. I haven’t been able to test any more blocks today because I get stopped by the app crashing.
I am using 1 or 2 objects and lists per screen with around 80 lines of data and pass the objects from one screen to next using local storage.
xThunkable just shows a blank screen with no messages. Sometimes the app crashes in the same location and then the location changes and crashes somewhere else.
Have I reached a size limit in the app? This will be a show stopper and app will be useless if I can’t add the next 2 screens.
Appreciate any suggestions.

same with me some times
can u tell ur phone name

maybe ur files u used are heavy or apis

check ur server
and till the time i know my app just hangs not crash

Uncareful use of objects variables are known to cause hangs and white screen crashes. If the object property name is wrong or does not exist, the app will hang at that point. (perhaps should raise this to the Thunkable team to give an error instead of hanging).

Also, there is no need to use local storage to pass variables across screens, The normal “app” type variable suffice.

If you don’t mind, can share with us how you handle the objects blocks?

yes this also a reason

@gobassky Thank you. My issue is that the app is crashing in places that have already been tested but I will review again. Basically the app gets a Json list or list of lists from an API call and creates an object (get object from json). Then uses the object properties in the app.

I tried to access an “app” object created in screen1 in screen2 but it did not work (getting undefined error).

I tried a using “stored” object variable and strangely Navigate to(Screen2) stopped working.

BTW This issue started happening on Sunday or Monday (7/30- 7/31)

It happened to me before alot of times and I know its painful. And most of the time it was caused by inconsistent output from API JSON. for example, calling an API for stock fundamental data. Not all the tickers has certain property heys resulted in key error. So each time i encounter such issue, I look into the JSON content (using browser or otherwise) and try to catch it, checking if the “response” contain the property key I want to extract.

The other issue working with API is that web API blocks are asynchronous. So have to ensure the response are complete before accessing it.

There have been some updates to the thunk live app in the pass few weeks, so plseas see if you have updated to the latest update. there have been updates that gave issues such as what you mentioned 2 weeks ago and the thunkable team have since resolved it.

Hope these helps.

Thank you. You have valuable suggestions but my issue was resolved by deleting the current app and using a backup copy.

I don’t know if my app was corrupted or my last change caused the crashing or something was changed on the server.