My app in ios is crashing for only three screens after installing in device but working fine in Live app

HI team,
My app crashes when am navigating to screens 3 screens from Drawer Navigator in ios but not in Android.
Those three screens are “Home”, “About us” and “Gospel”.

Kindly help me out


If you give a link to your app, then I’ll see it.

Thanks in advance for u r help

The problem occurs when you click on a link in the Gospel Drawer on iOS or Android?

only in ios not on Android

I have a suggestion that the crash of the application may be associated with the use of PDF Reader component. For a message is displayed after the crash of the app?

I usedd PDF reader just now…before that i had a crash for
GOspel and also in “home” and “Aboutus”.
App just closes and no message is displayed

Well, I’ll try is to look at. Which iOS version you’re running?

12.4.1 is my version


On my iOS 12.4.1 Gospel page works well in applications installed. But I do not work Airtable, because I made a remix of your application.

DD u navigate from sidebar, not only Gospel, even “Home” and "aboutus’ page also from sidebar navigator

I see the problem. In the transition to the Sidebar by clicking on the links 2-3 screen goes black and the application closes without an error message. Perhaps this is due to lack of memory.

That is, the error is not associated with Gosplel screen, and on the application in general.

R u Sure …if it is ok then my problem i solved…can u confirm

You Welcome.gif and Welcome.jpeg are each file weigh 11.5 Mb. Try reducing the size of these files and install the application again. Perhaps the problem will disappear.

sure thank u i will let u know once done

Still the same issue i have 10gb free space in my

Kindly help me out

It’s not the free space on the device, and to limit Thunkable X to create applications for more than 50 Mb.

Let’s clarify the problem. Do I understand correctly that you have an application crash when trying to open different screens using the Sidebar?

Try instead to use the Sidebar other navigation components, and Sidebar is temporarily removed from the application. If the problem persists, it may indicate that there is some problem in Thunkable X when working with large projects. If the problem disappears, then it was in use Sidebar. You get the idea?

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Yes the problem is application crashes when i navigate to screens from sidebar and i will remove the sidebar use other navigation component