Multiplication Table Quiz App


This is Multiplication Quiz, a simple multiplication table quiz app. Select a number and answer 12 math problems for that number. Four multiple choice options are given; one is correct, and the other three represent other answers from the same quiz. After you answer the 12 questions, you are given a score, along with a chance to repeat the same number or pick a new one.


The application uses columns and rows to create a grid of button choices on screen one. The quiz screen’s layout features a math problem at the center of the screen, with multiple choices below.


This app features lists, variables, score calculations, and design blocks. Remix it to learn how it works!


For some reason this doesn’t work 100% of the time on an Android device. Not sure what the issue is, but should function fine on iOS for those interested in learning from it.

Thanks so much for sharing this @Kyle_Williams, what sort of issues were you experiencing on Android?

Can someone else in the Community with an Android device help test and let us know what you find?

The function that fills in the four multiple choice answers seems to only generate three answers instead of four in Android (option 4 comes back ‘undefined’ every time). I am going to experiment more with it once I have my Android device back (let a friend borrow it).