Multiple screens need for one screen

multiple screens with webview
is there a way i can have one screen that when you open it webview could change to the said URL
or do I just have to do it the long way have like 12 different screens with the url
I am doing it this way for ios having the HTML files in the app.
on android I have one webpage click the links change back to the main page
help needed plz

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Hi @Mikas_3D - this should be pretty straightforward to do, but one important question for you first.

Why are you taking two different approaches for Android and iOS? With Thunkable X you should be able to create a single project and export to both Android and iOS.

I think this is due to the fact that Apple won’t allow webwrappers and that is the primary purpose for the app that @Mikas_3D is referencing. For android, it is much much easier to accomplish this task.

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iOS requires so much more than android but I am done with this project just waiting to resubmit


That makes sense!

Awesome - glad to hear it. Don’t forget to post to #SuccessfullyTHUNKd! @mikas_3d

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