Multi-Step Onboarding Sequence

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to setup an onboarding sequence that saves data to the database. The sequence has a good amount of questions for the user. In order to create a multi-step onboarding sequence would I just create screens for each set of questions?

What’s the best way to send that data to airtable? After each screen or at the end of the sequence on submit?

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You can create multiple screens or you can use a single screen and just pull data from different rows of a source database.

I would save the data after each screen (or screen refresh if using a single screen) so that they don’t lose their work if their battery dies or the app crashes, etc.

Thank you! I’ll give the multiple screens a shot and saving the data after each screen.

What’s the best way to save the data after each screen or refresh?

I’m using Airtable as the backend.

It depends on the exact data you’re wanting to store but generally, you would just use a bunch of Create Row or Update Value blocks from the Data Source drawer.

It’s possibly more efficient to use the Airtable API for that to upload data a row at a time but I don’t have experience uploading data that way; just downloading it.

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