Multi line text input keyboard not dismissing

Hi there. Im getting some really strange behaviour from text inputs. the project has a couple of screens all using multi line text inputs. on one of the screens the inputs are behaving completely different in that when they are set to multiline the keyboard does not dismiss at all. If I set to single line they dismiss with return key but using return key with multi line setting just drops a line. on other screen in the same project and usually in thunkable any tap outside the text field dismisses the keyboard but in this screen completely not working?? any help much appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

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When using multi-line input fields it’s a good practice to provide a button to “save” or “update” and in this button use the component dismiss keyboard.

Thanks for the advice. The issue I’m having though is the inconsistency of the behaviour of the text inputs. I have multi line text inputs with the same settings on a different screen of the same project and they behave as they always have with keyboard dismissing when area outside text field is tapped.

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No, the keyboard is not behaving differently. The keyboard is responding to the different components in the screen.

It seems in one screen you have the multi-line input field placed directly on the screen and once you tab anywhere in the screen, the keyboard disappear which is the normal reaction.

However, the other screen you have the multi-line field in a type of container (row or column) that is taking up the rest of the screen. When you click on the container encompassing the field, the keyboard will persist and will not disappear. If the row/column is filling the whole screen, you will not be able to get rid of the keyboard by clicking outside of the field because anywhere you click you will still be in the row/column containing the field.

Hope this clarifies the differences you are observing.

interesting idea but no both of the screens in the project use the text inputs within containers (row/column) and in neither cases does that container take ip the whole of the screen. (there is clickable area of the screen outside of the container housing the input that is accessible while the input is in use.
I have had to work around by setting each input to dismiss after an allotted time from the first click of the input being opened. Not ideal but…
thanks anyway

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In the text input settings, is it possible to make a Done button above the keyboard like above the numPad???

To make the keyboard disapear. It is a little crazy to make a ekstra specific button for that???

Like in these settings


Agree! an option in the text inputs setting for a done key would be a massive help I have struggled with text inputs especially with multiline forever.