Keyboard is not dismissing automatically

Keyboard is always on, even when switching between screens.
Clicking elsewhere in the app also is not dismissing keyboard.
I had to put “dismiss keyboard” block to force it.

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if you know how to dismiss it why creating a topic

It is probably saying that the keyboard appears when it shouldn’t appear. It happens to me too and I have to put the Dismiss keyboard block because there is no other way

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until and unless thunkble solves we need to use the dismiss keyboard block

Exactly, the keyboard usually was automatically dismissed.

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Yes , in android the keyboard is dismissed but it IOS this is a major issue

Can you explain what you mean? In my experience in iOS, when I tap outside of a text input field, the keyboard disappears.

@tatiang in my IOS phone this doesnt work
it doesnt close maybe it is a phone setting problem

Can you post a link to a project where this happens?

Interesting… right after I posted that, I previewed a project in Thunkable Live and the keyboard won’t disappear. So I guess I’m experiencing that, too.

Oddly, when I Live Test your project, the keyboard does disappear when I unfocus/click elsewhere.

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Weird :confused: :confused: :biohazard:

If the text box is inside a row/column then you need to click outside of the container (row/column) for the keyboard to dismiss.

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Thanks for that detail, @muneer!
I’m able to replicate this behavior easily in a snap to place project with Rows and Columns, and in a Drag and Drop project with Groups.

I’ll write up an internal issue about this. Thanks to everyone who contributed here!