Dismiss Keyboard component -- has anyone gotten it to work?

The Dismiss Keyboard component was added a few days ago, but I have not been able to get it to work in any of my apps, whether testing on iOS or Android. Has anyone else been able to get it to work? Or was this one perhaps rolled out too early?


Unfortunately, I also did not manage to get it to work on Android. On iOS did not check.

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We’ll look into this.

@Kyle_Williams and @actech (and anyone else having issues with the 'dismiss keyboard' block, can you tell us which devices and OS versions you’ve tested on and whether you’ve tested with the Live companion app or a built app, or both?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Mark,

I have only tested in the companion app on these two devices:

iPhone X - iOS 12.1.2
Pixel 2 - Android 9.0 (virtual device)

I will try on some additional devices later and report back here.

I wasn’t able to test on any additional devices but I did download and install apps on both of the devices above, and the element does work on both of those devices when using the compiled and installed app.

However, I have also noticed in the companion app that the block not only doesn’t work, the blocks after it don’t execute either. This was the case on both iOS and Android.

This does not work on my iOS 12.3.1

I confirm that after this block other blocks stop working. Therefore, I was very surprised.

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We think we know what is going on and it should be fixed in the next release of Thunkable ✕. Thanks for all your help!

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Hello, is that problem fixed?
I’m asking because it’s not working for me in thunkable live on Android.

It is working for me Android live testing.