Thunkable Key Press Block

Does thunkable have a block to check if a key (like 2, 4, or a) is pressed?

Are you serious?

Have you never seen the When Button Click block?

No, I mean is there a block that checks if a COMPUTER KEY is pressed, not a button.

Oh, ok then. Next time be more clear in what you are asking.

No it does not. I really wish it did.

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I’m not 100% sure this is impossible. On iPhone live test, setting autofocus=true on an invisible text input works, and using a numeric keypad with the enter key disabled keeps the focus on.

UPDATE: New link. Still doesn’t work on web, but at least on iPhone, at least on Live test, the user can’t unfocus. Thunkable

But it does not work on web. And I haven’t tested Android.

My assumption is this feature would be desired for a web app that’s viewed on a computer rather than on a mobile device. But you found some interesting results.


Agreed, although I know enough iPad users with keyboard cases that /maybe/.


I tested it on Android and it’s working. The keyboard can be dismissed but when you press anywhere on the screen it comes up again.

It seems only the top part of the screen that forces the keyboard to come up again. Not anywhere on the screen but only the top part of it.

All right, thanks! I hope the Thunkable Team can make this soon!

I have a floating layer that’s a transparent text input box, done with absolute positioning - it’s possibly not big enough if you were using a larger device? (Or perhaps android positioned it differently.)

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I haven’t checked your codes or design. Just tested the project as is. Next time I’m on the PC, I’ll check and if the floating layer needs more stretching will adjust and test again.