Keyboard input for gaming

Is there a way to use Keyboard input (U/D/L/R) as events for gaming?

u mean for web apps?

I don’t see a way to do that. That’s surprising, actually.

For students who might play their games in browser test mode. Easier to maneuver sprites with keyboard controls

i guess possible somehow
i hope so

let me do some research

hmm @tatiang actually somehow using text input it is possible
i used the gaming inputs and i made a short app
but its actually still hard but i will try and work more in it

It’s a good idea but it’s not really going to work.

There needs to be an event for keyboard press and there isn’t one yet.

well i am still trying to do it as some or the other way i guess its possible
@tatiang well can u help me that how can we make textbox unfocus to false
for the thing im trying

just trying to get to rid of this
i made this project check it
if it helps
@tatiang , @rothmana seems hard but trying to get to rid of this :sunglasses:

I appreciate that you’re trying to come up with a creative solution for this but I don’t feel it’s worth it to spend time on this. There needs to be an event block just like with a “click” block but for a key press. Asking users to click on a text input field and then press keys is just too much.