Monthly Hangouts session, Slack channel

Hey all. Do you think if would make sense to set up a monthly Hangouts session to meet, greet and talk about our experiences and issues?

Also, I believe it would be nice to set up a Slack channel to talk about issues and seek help.

Any opinions are welcome.



Hey @Deluxe,

We have done Twitter chats and Hangouts in the past, so I’m all for something like this.

In relation to the Slack channel - while I’m not against this per se - we do use Slack extensively for internal comms but is there something Slack offers that isn’t currently available via this Community or through our live chat support?

It is just that Slack is a bit more “interactive”. That’s all. I think that the support forums work well, don’t get me wrong. It was just an idea.

Happy to see that Hangouts is something we could do on a monthly basis just as a Q&A and update from your side. We could also host tips&tricks and perhaps showcase some apps we have been building. Happy to hear other opinions about this.


Hi, @Deluxe & @domhnallohanlon :wave:

Deluxe, the idea is nice! :+1:
Domhnall is also right, talking on the community would be right.

I have an opinion,
How about make a topic on every 30th/31st of the month about Feedback of the month ?

This would be nice, because everyone has community active. Some might find slack hard to use, etc.

So, as Deluxe said, the topic would be for the month’s user expirences + issues + feedbacks.

I would be waiting for any comments on this :smile:
Thanks! :blush: