Missing datasource create and update "row object from" blocks

Hi Thunkers,

I’m working in a offline database project, and I miss the create and update row object from block (similar to the “save” realtime DB Blocks approach)

I can get an entire row of a datasource table as an object using the get row object, but I can’t save a row using this approach. The create block at least allows you to save in a single block, but the update… man… You need to put a separate block for each row/column you want to save… So you need a lot of blocks when you have many columns, despite the non-elegant approach.

Somebody knows if there are plants to improve this in the future?


Paulo Vaz


I agree. There should be a better way to update row data than having to use a separate Update Row block for every value.


Currently, I delete the row and create it again to work around this issue but it does not fit all use cases.

Hi @muneer

This, does’nt fit for my case… I’m developing a hibrid offline/cloud app so I need persistence in both sides (local and remote).

Anyway I’ll update my post with features resquest adding this request (45 until now…)


Paulo Vaz

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