Misplaced map icons on Android devices [Nov 2022]

When I ‘Add Icon Marker’ to a Google Map on Thunkable it is mislocated by approximately 100 pixels on my two Android devices but correctly located on my Apple phone. Interesting, if I use the ‘Add Marker’ (using the standard marker), the icon is correctly located on both my Android and my Apple devices. You can see this phenomenon in the two attached screenshots from my Android phone. The icon should point to the intersection of Midtown Rd and Fox Hill Trail. The standard icon is correct, and the custom icon with the numeral is offset by ~100 pixels (and is consistent regardless of zoom level). I have tried multiple custom icons and they all have the same 100 pixel offset error on my two Android devices.

Yikes, that could cause issues for users relying on those visual waypoints. Can you share a reproducible example of this?

@conroy is this an open bug report already or are you aware of this issue. I’ve seen this before.

@jared @rehoboth75 Thanks for flagging this. Agreed that it is not great for those points to be as far off as they are. Let me see if I can recreate the issue.

Thanks for that lightning fast response. Here’s a link to this test project. You’ll see that it is displaying two icons - the standard one with “Add Marker” and a custom one with “Add Icon Marker”. See attached photo of Live test of this project on my Apple 6S phone where both icons are corrected located at the intersection of Midtown Rd and Fox Hill Trl. See attached photo of Live test of this project on my Android Motorola One phone running Android 11 where the standard icon is correctly located, but the custom icon is offset by approximately 100 pixels. I have tried 6 different custom icons from different sources. All of the custom icons locate consistently in the same incorrect location.


Any updates on this mislocated custom icon in Android bug?

Unfortunately, this is a known issue which apparently has been difficult to resolve for a couple years now :frowning:

new link to project is:

This misplaced Android custom icon map bug acts like it uses the wrong locator point for the icon. Instead of using the bottom center point of the icon, it appears to use a point in the lower right hand corner of a larger, unseen portion of the image. In the attached image the “+” in the lower right corner is the point that is being used to locate the icon, instead of the bottom center point of the orange icon.
imaged icon bug located point

Am currently trying to use Map Marker Icons and i’m noticing that yes they’re slightly off, but also when you zoom in and out of the map, they completely move place on the map.

I believe that what you’re seeing is an indication that the custom icons are misplaced by a consistent number of pixels in both the X and Y dimensions. So as you zoom in and out, the icon appears to change location because that number of pixels is representing a different distance each time you change the zoom.

Support confirmed its a known issue now. They’re looking into it.

We’re testing a fix for this later today. If all goes well, we should be able to push it out to production soon. Hang tight, all.

Do we have any update on this yet?

And does this fix also fix the misalignment on zoom?

@doughnut Yes, good timing here. We just deployed the fix for this with v356-13. If you can update to that new version and let me know if the custom markers are working for you now?

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Can confirm v356-13 resolved all issues in this thread :fire: Legends!

Edit: And this has also fixed the sizing of the marker icons too! No longer cut off, misplaced or in the incorrect position when zooming.