Map component missing Navigation bottom icons

Hi there people,

I have a problem with the map component in the android device (live and app). When I press a marker in map, it centers in it’s location as it should but the right bottom two icons for 1.) navigate and 2.) open google maps in device, does NOT appear in portrait orientation, UNLESS I change the orientation of the screen to landscape and then back to portrait (or auto) !
Is this a bug of the maps?
Is there any other way to make the two right bottom icons visible when I press a marker in portrait orientation?

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sure you can do make two maps in first one the two icons should not be visible and in the first set the two buttons to visible the second map should not be visible for start and when they click a marker in first map make first map visible to false and second map visible to true

if this works please mark it as solution

No, it is not working like this,, neither the map nor the markers. I must press the specific marker I’ve already pin on the map, so it can “take” it’s coordinates and THEN the icons must be enabled (visible), so if I press either one of two it will take me to the corresponded place (coordinates). I mean that the marker AND the map icons (navigation options) in the bottom right corner of the map are inextricably connected and related with each other, but thanks anyway for your answer. :slight_smile:

Any other options, maybe from the devs? At least let me know if this is a map component’s bug or am I doing something wrong…

PS: by the navigation options - icons I mean the Map’s default icons, not implement my own.

hello are you talking that markers will not be on the same position
for that you can do whenever you are changing something in map1 change it in map2 also

No, I mean that the navigation options, would normally ( I think), appearing on map screen, in bottom right corner whenever I press a marker on map. BUT it is not happening this way. Is happening ONLY if I change orientation (either from device or blocks) to landscape and as you imagine is not a good option, because the rest of the app is orientated in portrait, so I need to be the map also in portrait.

I came back just to declare (just for future reference) that I found a solution for showing the navigation icons at the bottom right corner of the map. Probably has something to do with the screen size, because when I imported a row at the bottom of the map (beneath the map row) it seems that the icons are constantly working as they should…

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