Bottom navigator missing icons on Android


Since I am currently creating an app for Android and iOS I experience that there are strangely more bugs on Android than on the iOS version… Besides issues with the map component and always refreshing navigators I experienced that the icons of my bottom navigator are missing in the built Android app:

depending on what screen I am on there is always one icon missing and sometimes even two… No problems in iOS or Companion… Ideas?

best, Chris

And what is it supposed to look like?

There should be icons for ALL the bottom navigator elements not just 1 or 2 but it does not properly display :frowning:


Without the viewer app, I can only reply to your remark that the bugs on Android more than on iOS. You are right at the heart of Thunkable X uses technology that works more stable on iOS. Why? Because Android support React Native appeared much later than under iOS. Simply put, this technology originally was created for iOS.

Do you mean the little snowflake and the first-aid box?

It is possible that you stumbled on an actual bug, something that is not designed in a similar fashion for the iOS and for the Android.
I suggest you make a copy of your app, and downgrade it to the point it only has those icon, and see if the problem still shows. If it is still there, then you have an app that is 100% the bug. That would make investigation and correction easier when you pass it on to the Thunkable staff.
On the other hand, if the bug goes away, then you can start reactivation functions until it breaks. Then the breaking point would have a significance.