Issue with Map component with no details on it

I dont believe I have changed anything with my map component recently but now, when I show the map it opens with my markers and polyline route plotted but there are no details. No roads, names, no trees. Nothing. Has anyone else seen this?
Here is what it used to look like

And this is what it looks like now.

Same app, same process and workflow to get there. Does anyone have any ideas?

i think you shall use sttelite mode

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I have tried satelite mode and it works! Weird but it will do for now while I work out what is really wrong.

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As I am discovering, there are many undocumented issues with the Map component. When you show the map, put a delay in before you set the zoom level or location. It doesnt need to be a noticable delay. Something like 0.2 seconds should do. Apparently there are synchronicity issue with Maps. Nice to know.