Micro:bit support in Thunkable X?

Are there plans to bring back support (i.e. blocks) for using a micro:bit with Thunkable X, as there was for App Inventor?

I’m hoping to figure out how to send data to a micro:bit connected over Bluetooth. I have it connected but don’t know what kind of value to put in the Transmit block’s data section.

I have gotten Thunkable to connect to micro:bit before like yourself, but once connected, I could not get sending and receiving data to work. The project was a boundary device, meaning the micro:bit was attached to, for example, a person. The device would beep if they left the premises by constantly checking for loss of Bluetooth signal.

Unfortunately I could not find great documentation with micro:bit and Thunkable (being combined) to get all my Bluetooth Characteristics UUID and things like that. I am sure it is possible though.

This is definitely something that could be better documented :slight_smile:


What are you trying to do? Could this be achieved without Thunkable? What kind of data are you sending? I found that if you use serial with Raspberry Pi or Windows machine, that you can just use Firebase with a Python script to communicate data with multiple devices.

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I’m just interested in sending outputs to a micro:bit. Not really sure of the purpose yet! A simple LED pattern would suffice for testing but ideally I’d like to power a motor.

I know that Micro:bit has its own dedicated app in Apple and Google’s respective app stores, but the app is designed for kids, and you can’t do much with it.

Thanks. I can do plenty with Scratch and a micro:bit but I like the idea of controlling it from my phone.

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