Am I able to connect a micro:bit to my thunkable x app?


I am doing a school project where my friend and I wish to place a micro:bit beside a house heater, which will send a notification to your phone once it reaches a certain heat in order to tell you when you have reached your desired heat.

My question is, is it possible to connect a micro:bit to your thunkable x app in this way so that the micro:bit can message the app through wifi or bluetooth and if so, how?

Sorry i have just discovered that this would not work as well with a micro:bit, so my new question is whether or not this is possible with a raspberry pi instead.


  1. Temp sensor in RPie
  2. Config RPie to sed updates to Firebase i(only if they meet certain Criteria)
  3. Have App configured to watch Firebase
  4. If changed trigger event.

Ok thanks thats a great help