Bluetooth find UUID of Microbit

How do I obtain the UUID of Microbit? I managed to connect but am unsure how to get the UUID? Is this just the name of the device or the bluetooth address?

All help is much appreciated.

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Hi buddy! :wave:

I googled, and found this -

(Ctrl+f your sensor, and get it’s UUID :smile: )

I think this should help you :slight_smile:

Thanks! :blush:

Hmm, I have read through some of this and it looks like they have default UUID for model of Microbit? If this is the case then great. But I do not understand Ctrl+f as I am using a Thunkable X made app and the Bluetooth component built into the Microbit.

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Ctrl+f is a command for chrome, which does a search in the page for any keyword.

It will look like above :arrow_up:

Enter your Sensor’s name there, & get your UUID (If available :neutral_face: )

Thanks! :blush:

A Microbit is a tiny computer with bluetooth capabilities. It can be programmed with blocks like Thunkable. This does not work. It is only discovered by bluetooth