Merge tables into one List?

I have a local database created with several tables. Is it possible to get all rows from all tables and put them into one list?

Like a schemaless Json array?

Well an ordinary list would ok for me.

do all tables have same layout?
do you care about the source of data? if you don’t, see combo. if you do, see combo2.

go over each table and build each row as a list. assign it to a variable, say row, then append the variable row to your destination table, which is actually a list. so you end up with a list of lists.

to process the data, treat it as a list - then treat each item in the list as ALSO a list.

Tables have the same layout so I would like to achieve what you have in Combo list. Any block example for this?

here’s the program to process CA and NY

here’s the 4th (hardcoded) entry in the resulting table

here’s the link to the project (see Screen 13)

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