Insert into list more column from Airtable

I’m trying to add the content of an airtable table to a list but in this way I think I only insert the last record.
How should I create a multilevel list? so I can reuse the list without having to reread from the table.



That’s definitely not going to work because you’re creating a list with four items and they keep getting replaced every time the loop increments.

You can take a single row or single column and place it in a list variable but I don’t know if there’s any way to capture an entire table in a list variable. I guess if you could nest a list within a list (e.g. item 1 of the list is a list) then it might be possible.

And this PDF indicates that lists of lists are possible:

yes, sure it’s possibile to store multidimensional data (ex. Airtable table) into lists but really I don’t know how to do it.

I’d like implement this kind of way so I can load the data once when the screen open and the use/reuse data without recall Airtable. I think that always the performances are better then recall each time external data.

In any case anyone can show me an example of read e use multidimension with list of lists?

Many thanks

Hello Commonity,
I solved my problem using “list of list” during the store phase.
While in the reading phase I use “in list of in list”.



Could you please share how you did this? I’m trying to achieve something similar with nested lists.

… I recover my solution and I’ll share it no problem…