[Medium Sample App] A Digital Version of Dad powered by Dialogflow

Hi Beta ✕ Thunkers,

One of the coolest new components on ✕ so far has been our new Assistant aka Chatbot component powered by Dialogflow. Dialogflow is a service that more naturally understands a person speech and can be programmed to respond based on the question.

We wanted share with you a sample app that makes use of Dialogflow and creates a digital version of a person, in this case my dad.

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Getting started
To create your own version of this app, you’ll first need to create an account in Dialogflow and create what is called “Intents” to match with any questions that you want the Assistant to recognize.

You’ll notice that we set a Timer to trigger the Start and Stop Listening events from the Assistant since there is currently no way to have the Assistant be always listening (as you might expect your Google Home or Alexa to do).

If you want to re-create a digital version of someone, you’ll also have to drag and drop the appropriate audio files, which are named the same way as the responses on Dialogflow e.g. dad sets the dad.mp3 file.

Please try it out and share examples of similar apps you have created!

Happy Thunking!


This app never says anything when installed. It just opens another screen and comes back again, I am trying to make an assistant app in Thunkable X , but it does not work, can you please help me